3 Ways to Motivate Your Family to Be Healthier

3 Ways to Motivate Your Family to Be Healthier

Adopting new, healthy habits is easy when it’s just you – if you want to do something, all you have to do is change it. But when you have a partner or kids who struggle to exercise and eat healthy with you, it can be tough to stick to good habits. 

Being healthy as a unit is a team effort, and you can't force anyone to change their whole lifestyle overnight, but there are ways to encourage healthy habits in a positive and fun manner.

1.    Start Small with Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Baby steps are the key to making healthy changes that last. Not only with other members of your family be less resistant to more minor changes, but because the effort is so slight, they won't hesitate to join in.

Taking a walk to get some fresh air after dinner is one accessible way to get a little activity, get outside, and get quality time with your loved ones without screens in the way. Small habits are more likely to stick than massive changes.

2.    Keep Healthy Lifestyle Changes a Team Effort

Motivating your family to be healthier is less effective when you set out rules that they have to follow. Instead, invite your partner and your children to participate in the decisions.

Let your kids choose a meal they want to eat and teach them to prepare it, or have them pick an activity that they'll enjoy that won't feel like a chore. This will help get everyone invested in healthy habits.

3.    Keep Healthy Food Alternatives Available at Home

Chances are, if you have unhealthy snacks at home, those are the snacks you’ll eat. Instead of keeping temptation in your cupboards, keep delicious alternatives and fresh fruits on hand for your next snack.

P2 Eat Smart has foods you want to eat enriched with protein to keep you feeling full longer – you can still eat pasta and tasty breakfasts without feeling deprived.

Bottom Line

Motivating your family to be healthy won't happen overnight, and it's normal to face some resistance if you've never implemented these habits before. But by starting small and keeping everyone involved in the process, you'll all reap the benefits of increased exercise and good nutrition. 


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