Brothers Dave and Rob spent 35 years apart but in 2005 their lives changed forever.  Rob found his biological parents (who married) and his entire biological family.  Over the years the inseparable brothers, Dave and Rob, shared a passion for health and wellness which constantly battled with their love for food that comes from their European heritage.  Raising their busy families with sports, school, work and trying to balance all of that with trying to EAT SMART proved to be challenging.

There had to be a better… simpler way to balance great taste with healthy foods that are easy to prepare.  Fortunately Dave spent over 8 years living in Italy working  with a company where they had already found a way to create healthy foods that taste great. 

in 2018, Dave moved back to Canada and the brothers have been designing a plan to bring you the products created by their Italian partner who has perfected the ingredients and created the healthy products that we crave. The brothers are now ready to bring the world a way to EAT SMART and celebrate food and life.