How to Stop Eating Out of Boredom

How to Stop Eating Out of Boredom

Snacking when you're bored is common. It's a type of emotional eating where you reach for food when there's nothing else to do – going for a bag of chips or opening a pack of cookies just to occupy your hands, even when you're not hungry.


But eating when you're bored can cause problems over a long period. It can cause weight gain and associated health risks.


It’s a habit you can beat, and these tips on how to stop eating out of boredom can help.


1.    Eat Off a Plate


When you don't portion your food, you risk eating more than you should. If you want to snack, make it intentional. That way, you don't overeat directly from the original bag or container packaging. A plate or bowl can help you stick to the proper serving size.


2.    Avoid Eating in Front of a Screen


Most of the boredom eating happens mindlessly in front of the TV. It's not wrong to eat a small snack when watching your favourite show, but people tend to eat more when they're in front of a screen than when they're doing another activity. Try to break the link between the screen and food by keeping your hands busy another way.


3.    Learn Your Triggers


Do you mostly eat when you're studying? Or in bed, while you're reading a book? Think about the environment and activities where you most commonly snack out of boredom so you can think of alternatives. Maybe have a cup of tea to keep you busy while doing a tedious task so you don't reach for food.


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4.    Eat Mindfully


Mindfulness can improve your mental health, and mindful eating can help you overcome eating when you're bored. If you take the opportunity while you eat to focus on just eating, you can become more aware of what hunger is and what boredom is. That means no scrolling on your phone or working on your computer – just be in the moment while you're eating.


5.    Eat Filling and Nutritious Food


A balanced diet is critical for good mental and physical health. Most snack foods are empty calories; they don't fill you up for long, so you keep returning to eating. But if you eat more balanced meals and snacks throughout the day, you will be satisfied and less likely to give in to unhealthy snacking.


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