Supplements or No Supplements: Do You Really Need Them?

Supplements or No Supplements: Do You Really Need Them?

Walking through the drugstore aisle housing the supplements is overwhelming. With rows and rows of supplements and vitamins claiming to help your body in different ways, knowing which ones are best for you can be confusing.


Everyone has different needs, and while Vitamin D is a universally necessary supplement, especially in Canada, some of the others are questionable.


Do you really need to take supplements? Here are some answers to common questions you need to know before you load up your shopping basket.


Do You Need a Daily Multivitamin?


Multivitamins are marketed the most, and a majority of people take them. Men and women even have their own varieties. But are multivitamins necessary to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals?


By eating a nutritious and varied diet, chances are, you’re hitting the mark on getting a vast majority of your daily vitamin intake.


A balanced diet gives you enough Vitamin C, calcium, iron, and many other vitamins and minerals targeted in multivitamins.


Are There Vitamin Supplements You Need to Take?


Sometimes, your body needs a little intervention to supplement what your body can't make. Supplements can help give you a boost of vitamins or minerals your body can’t get elsewhere.


Vitamin D


In Canada, much of the daylight hours fall within the workday. Getting a little sun through the windows isn’t enough to produce Vitamin D naturally. Getting Vitamin D from food is difficult, so introducing a supplement during the fall and winter months is a priority.


Folic Acid


A prenatal vitamin is always recommended during pregnancy and while trying to conceive because of the added folic acid. The body doesn't produce enough folic acid, so a supplement can help fill the gaps. Since it can help with development and prevent birth defects, it's a supplement you won't want to skip.

Do Children Need Multivitamins?


From Flintstone vitamins to gummies, kids have multivitamins, too. But do they really need them?


Like adults, children get the vitamins and minerals they need from foods. Even the pickiest eaters can get the daily intake they need from their meals and snacks. Because kids are smaller than adults, mega-dosing on vitamins from supplements can be dangerous. 


Your pediatrician knows your child best. If your child is experiencing deficiencies, their doctor will know the best way to increase their intake safely.


The Verdict on Vitamin Supplements


Vitamins are not one size fits all. Everybody has different needs depending on several factors, including illness or lifestyle. But you don’t always need a supplement. Some shifts in diet can make the difference you need.


Well-balanced diets are key to getting all the nutrition you need to feel energized and well. P2 Eat Smart has foods you can quickly prepare for a meal or snacks such as the 12.5g High Protien Crossiant that you can take with you when you're on your way out the door. Shop our products fortified with protein to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.


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