Recipe Mediterranean Orzo Bowl


High protein orzo pasta


Why I chose this recipe:

I created this vegetarian recipe to refuel our busy family. It has a perfect combination of flavours and textures to keep your tastebuds satisfied, even for the pickiest of eaters in your household. This can easily be made in 30 minuets and you can enjoy without any guilt.


- 1 cup cooked orzo (I use P2 Eat Smart)
- 1 can roasted chickpeas (recipe to follow)
- 1 head of romaine lettuce (chopped)
- 1 small cucumber (sliced)
- 1/4 cup pitted kalamata olives
- 1/4 cup tzatziki
- 1/3 cup sun dried tomatoes (cut into 1/4 slivers)
- 3-4 Tbsp crumbled feta
- Fresh dill (for garnish)
- Lemon zest (for garnish)
- Chives (for garnish)
- Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste.

To roast chickpeas:

- Drain can of chickpeas and rinse.
- Toss with 1-2 tbsp of EVOO
- Mix together 1/2 tsp of each; paprika, cumin and salt.
- Add 1/4 tsp of each; coriander and cinnamon.
- Toss to coat chickpeas in spices.
- Baked on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet at 400 degrees F for 25-30 mins. Turning half way.


- In a large serving bowl, fill one half of the bowl with romaine and the other half with the cooked orzo.
- Layer with roasted chickpeas, cucumbers, kalamata olives, and sun dried tomatoes.
- Put tzatziki in the center of the arrangement. Garnish with dill, lemon zest and chives.
- Top entire bowl with crumbled feta.
- Drizzle bowl with desired amount of EVOO. And sprinkle with sea salt and fresh pepper.


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